Media & Sign Specialists

Chris & Rachel Prado

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We are the Prado's, we are a family of four and we love our Lord Jesus Christ!

We started coming to Calvary in December of 2005. As part of the Youth Group we helped with anything and everything computer related, from the projector to the sound and music. It slowly evolved into helping during service and given more responsibility; first running Power Points, then making them, then Sermon notes, and then any and all design and media related activities. Our goal is to be as helpful as we can be.

In 2010 we added a great outdoors sign; an animated billboard type thing, and we have been in charge of slides, animations, and announcements since day one. It is a great outlet for creativity and information for the whole community.

We love Calvary, our Church family, pastor, and any and all visitors that come through our doors. We are here almost everytime our church doors are open and we'd love to meet you.

God Bless.

  September 2018